‘Guarantee Of Hat-Trick In 2024’: PM Modi Warns Opposition To Mend Their Ways Or Get Ousted

New Delhi: In a grand victory speech to celebrate BJP’s triple-victory in the Hindi heartland, Prime Minister Narendra Modi fired a warning to Opposition parties.

“Mend your ways or the public will oust you,” Modi said about the saffron party’s “historic” victory in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

Modi also The BJP recorded big wins in heartland states – retaining Madhya Pradesh, and dumping the Congress out of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. A triumphant Prime Minister called these results a “guarantee of hat-trick in 2024” – when the saffron party will bid for an unprecedented third consecutive term.

“Today’s victory is historic and unprecedented… sabka sath, sabka vikas bhavna (the sentiment of development with all, development for all) has won… the call for a viksit Bharat (developed India) has won… the vichar (the voice) of the oppressed has won… honesty and good governance has won,” the PM said at the party’s headquarters here in the presence of thousands of party leaders and workers.

After Sunday’s hat-trick in Assembly elections, Modi spoke about another likely hat-trick in the coming months – third consecutive term at the Centre for BJP.

“Some people are saying this hat-trick has guaranteed the 2024 hat-trick… Today’s mandate proves people have zero-tolerance for corruption, appeasement and dynastic politics.”

Slamming the Congress and INDIA opposition bloc, Modi described Sunday’s results as ‘a big lesson for Congress and their ghamandiya (arrogant) alliance’.

“The campaign against corruption is getting heavy support… those parties and leaders who have no shame in standing with corrupt people… they are getting a clear warning from the voters,” Modi said.

“Today’s result is a warning for those powers who are against the politics of progress. This is a big lesson for Congress and their ghamandiya (arrogant) alliance,” he said as the huge audience cheered, clapped and chanted Modi’s name.

Taking a jibe at the INDIA bloc over the demand for a national caste census, Modi said they are trying to divide the country over caste lines.

“To those who tried to divide the country over caste lines… I have always said, I have only four communities in the country – nari (women), yuva (youth), farmers and poor people. The country can be empowered by empowering these communities, all of whom have shown enthusiasm for the BJP’s schemes and its roadmap for India,” the PM said.

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