Gujarati Couple Gives Up Billion-Dollar Worth Wealth To Become Monks

New Delhi: Two years after their children chose to become monks, a Gujarat businessman and his wife are sparking debate on social media with their announcement to become monks by giving away their entire lifetime earnings (running in billions of dollars). Bhavesh Bhai Bhandari and his wife, living in Himmatnagar, Sabarkantha district of Gujarat state have decided to live as monks, leaving behind all material luxuries.


Bhavesh Bhai Bhandari, who comes from a well-off family in Sabarkantha, had a privileged upbringing. He worked in the construction industry, managing projects in both Sabarkantha and Ahmedabad.

The Bhandari family has strong ties with the Jain community and often interacts with monks and devotees. Now, both Bhavesh Bhai and his wife have decided to live a simple life without any luxuries like fans, air conditioners, or mobile phones. Earlier, their children, a 16-year-old son and a 19-year-old daughter, became monks in 2022, which inspired Bhavesh Bhai and his wife to do the same.

The Bhandari couple, along with 35 others, promised to live a disciplined life in a big procession in Himmatnagar.  According to reports, they will officially embrace a life of renunciation at the Himmatnagar Riverfront on April 22.


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