Watch: Haryana Math Teacher Suspended After His ‘Love Formulae’ Go Viral

Chandigarh: A mathematics professor at a women’s college in Haryana’s Karnal district lost his job after a video, in which he was seen using ‘closeness’ and ‘attraction’ as variables to teach the ‘formulae of love’ to students, went viral.

A student recorded the class on cellphone as he explained how the ‘formulae’ works and later reported it to the college’s principal.

The professor, identified as Charan Singh, was asked to apologise in writing and later suspended.

In the video, Singh is seen writing on the blackboard how these two variables ascertain the kind of relationship people share: “closeness – attraction = friendship”, “closeness + attraction = romantic love” and “attraction – closeness = crush”.

He also explained to students how attraction between a husband and wife diminishes as they grow old and then they become friends.

The students can be heard laughing during the class.



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