Has Priyanka Chopra Called It Quits?

New Delhi: Priyanka Chopra has done well for herself both in Bollywood and Hollywood. Both are equally dear to her. She was put in a tight corner recently when asked to choose between the industries. Instead of picking one, she called it quits.

Piggy Chops chose to ‘quit’ the It’s Tricky challenge on Instagram when asked to choose between Bollywood and Hollywood. Taking to Instagram Reels, Priyanka took part in the trend in which people answer questions set to Run-DMC’s song ‘It’s Tricky’.

In the video, Priyanka Chopra wore a white crop top paired with blue denim shorts and kept her hair loose. She chose between two options presented on the right and left sides of the screen and danced in the direction of her pick.

Priyanka chose ‘regular trim’ over ‘annual chop’, opted for ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’, picked ‘scrunchies’ over ‘hair ties’, ‘metal straw’ over ‘paper straw’, and ‘warm hair rinse’ over ‘cold hair rinse’.

Priyanka chose ‘iced coffee’ over ‘hot coffee’, she stood with her arms extended over both the options of ‘hair conditioner’ and ‘hair masks’, she opted for ‘blow dry’ over ‘air dry’, ‘brush’ over ‘comb’, ‘coverage’ over ’embrace grey’, and ‘AM shower’ over ‘PM shower’.

However, when she was asked to pick between ‘Bollywood’ and ‘Hollywood’, Priyanka replied, “I quit”. Captioning the post, she wrote, “Some questions are just better left unanswered (winking face emoji) #ThisorThat @anomalyhaircare.”

The video was shared on her Instagram account a few hours after Priyanka informed he fans she’d been injured while shooting for her upcoming spy series Citadel.

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