Having A Bad Day? Watch This Video To Lighten Up Your Mood

The Internet is a funny space. It can at times take away your mental peace, while on other occasions it serves as an escape route, when you are tired and drained out by the monotony of daily chores.

Binge-watching dog videos is not a bad idea when you are looking to refresh your mind. The internet is full of such videos — some  trying to grab their owner’s attention, some desperate to avoid a bath and others showing a savage attitude.

If you happen to be a dog lover, these videos are a must watch.

Meet Nuomi, the hero of our dog story. Nuomi is Guanlin’s partner in crime. He alerts her when her parents return home, so that she can go back and pretend to be studying.

He accompanies her everywhere, even to the grocery store. And, when no one is at home, he happily takes the deliveries, shocking the wits out of the deliver person.

Nuomi is obidient, caring, a great friend and a perfect partner — everything one dreams of their dogs to be.

The amazing fact is, he didn’t get any professional training. His parents were retired police dogs, so may be smartness is  in his genes.

Curious enough? Check out the video here:

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