High-Risk Warning For Google Chrome Users: Update Browser ASAP; Know How

New Delhi: The government has issued a high-severity warning for users of Google Chrome.

The Computer Emergency Response Team of Indian government (CERT-In), an agency operating under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has flagged a number of vulnerabilities within specific versions of Google Chrome and alerted users to potential security risks.

CERT-In has warned that Chrome users could encounter several security issues that may compromise their sensitive information, reported India Today.

The risks include phishing attacks, data breaches and malware infections. Hence users need to be cautious and take necessary steps, like updating the browser, to protect themselves.

Google Chrome’s security vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to take control of a computer. The vulnerabilities exist in several areas of Chrome, including prompts, Web Payments API, SwiftShader, Vulkan, Video, and WebRTC.

“Multiple vulnerabilities exist in Google Chrome due to Type Confusion in V8; Heap buffer overflow in Visuals; Out of bounds read and write in WebGL; Out of bounds memory access in ANGLE; Use after free in Blink Task Scheduling, Cast and WebRTC; Insufficient data validation in Extensions and Inappropriate implementation in Extensions,” the official note reads.

Affected versions of Google Chrome

Users who are using Google Chrome versions prior to 115.0.5790.170 for Linux and Mac, and Google Chrome versions prior to 115.0.5790.170/.171 for Windows have been advised by CERT-In to take immediate action to safeguard their systems.

How to protect device

CERT-In has advised users to update Google Chrome to the latest version ASAP. Google has released an update to fix these vulnerabilities.

How to update Google Chrome

* Open Google Chrome

* Click the three dots on top right corner of the window

* Select Help > About Google Chrome

* If there is an update available, Chrome will automatically download and instal it

* Once update is installed, Chrome will restart

How to check for updates manually

* Open Google Chrome

* Click three dots on top right corner of the window

* Select Help > About Google Chrome

* Click Check for updates.

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