How Can I Write My Essay Per One Day?

How to write my essay? This article will answer this question. When only one day is left before submitting an essay, the graduates are trying to use every opportunity to get the coveted grade. But here’s the problem: classmates have been writing an essay for a week, and you haven’t even started. Don’t worry; we will help you catch up and cope with the challenge successfully.

The structure of the essay

First, you need to familiarize yourself with the structure of the essay.

First paragraph – introduction

In it, you need to reveal the meaning of the title of the paper. If the title is given in the form of a question (“What does it mean to be kind?”), it is necessary to give an answer to it. If the title is a statement (“Kindness as the most important quality of a person”), you must express your agreement or disagreement with it. In other words, you need to formulate a thesis, which must be supported by examples from the literature.

Second and third paragraphs – arguments

It is necessary to confirm your point of view expressed in the introduction with examples from the literature. You can refer to works from the school curriculum and to modern literature. In this part of the essay, it is important to comment on the thesis using examples and not just retell the content of the work. For example, if you are writing an essay on the topic “Are there among the heroes of English literature those who possessed boundless kindness?” you should find an example only in English literature. The third paragraph is an argument from another work, written by analogy with the first one.

Fourth paragraph – conclusion

Before you formulate it, pay attention to the topic. The conclusion must correspond to the content of the essay. The conclusion to the examples listed above may sound like this: “The above examples allow us to conclude that there are heroes in English literature who have boundless kindness.”

Arguments base

When there is only one day left before submitting an essay, and you have not read a single book, you can resort to a little trick: pick up arguments from short stories. It takes a little time to read them, but you can easily comment on any topic.

Use of speech clichés

You can use “blanks” in the form of speech cliches in your paper. This will greatly facilitate the writing of the essay and will allow you to formulate thoughts logically. We offer a small list of such clichés.

For an introduction

  • Each of us often thought about the question …
  • We know about (love, kindness, hope) from books, films …
  • How often do we hear about …

To go to the main part

  • Many works have been written about (love, goodness, hope). Let’s turn to them.
  • … wrote about this …
  • I can prove my point of view with examples from …
  • What is written about this in the literature?

For arguments

  • The theme of (love, kindness, hope) is revealed in work …
  • Let’s remember the hero of the story (novel, poem) …
  • The hero of the work … was …

For a conclusion

  • In conclusion, I would like to say …
  • Having analyzed the novels, I came to a conclusion …
  • Thus, I understood …

Correct formatting of the bibliography

Any essay should end with a list of references so that the teacher understands what sources the student was working with. It is good if the sources include not only monographs but also scientific articles and conference proceedings in periodicals.

The list of references is drawn up separately on a piece of paper with numbering according to the rules of a Microsoft Word text document. The surname of the author of the book must be indicated; then, their initials are indicated after the comma. After that, the name of the source, the city, and place of printing of the book, the name and year of the publishing house, as well as the number of pages in the book, are written with a capital letter without quotation marks.

We hope this information was helpful to you. We have strived to help that each student receives a good grade for an essay. Good luck!

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