I-Day Special: These Movie Dialogues Will Stir Up The Patriot In You

New Delhi: The 75th Independence Day celebrations on Sunday will be same as previous years with curbs on outdoor activities and celebrations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


As people prepare to mark the momentous day by staying indoors, here are some dialogues from movies which will surely ignite your patriotic spirit. Remember, Hindustan Zindabaad Tha, Zindabaad hai, Aur Zindabaad Rahega!!

1. Jo Log Uncha Sunte Hai Unhe Dhamake Ki Zarurat Hoti Hai (Rang De Basanti)

Indeed true. Especially against the backdrop of the recent Indo-China border dispute, this dialogue has become so relevant.

2.Maine Apni Zindagi Desh Ki Azadi Ke Naam Kar Di Hai.. Aish O Aram Ghar Naukari Jaisi Cheeze Mere Liye Koi Mayene Nahi Rakhti.. Main Janta Hu Aap Chahte Hai Meri Shadi Ho, Mera Ghar Basey, Jaise Har Bachhe Ke Maa Baap Chahte Hai, Par Meri Dulhan To Azaadi Hai.. Aapka Agyakaari Beta Bhagat Singh! (Rang De Basanti)

… Par meri dulhan to azaadi hai… what a beautiful line. Next time your parents force you to get married, throw this dialogue at them. FYI, Prasoon Joshi won the 52nd Filmfare Awards for the best dialogue for this film.

3. Ab Bhi Jiska Khoon Na Khaula, Khoon Nahin Voh Paani Hai… Joh Desh Ke Kaam Na Aaye Woh Bekaar Jawani Hai… (Rang De Basanti)

There were so many wonderful dialogues in this film, one of which was lipped by Aamir Khan. With so much happening, from Chinese apps ban to fighting coronavirus, this is the time India needs its citizens the most to keep it alive on the world map, both aesthetically and geographically. This is the time to make India Aatma Nirbhar and economically stable. Wake Up, youngsters!

4. Koi Bhi Desh Perfect Nahin Hota… Usse Behtar Banana Padta Hai (Rang De Basanti)

The last one from the movie on this list is this hard-hitting one-liner from R Madhavan, who said nothing but the truth. Every nation has certain flaws. Instead of always pointing out what the government isn’t doing, we should do our bit to make it a better country. How about starting with not littering the roads?

5. How’s the Josh? (Uri)

A dialogue that not even politicians could resist in a movie based on the surgical strike of 2019. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this dialogue is as famous as ‘Friends’ is in India, possibly more.

6. Jab Waha Border Par Log Apni Nind Ki Parwah Na Karte Hue Jaagte Hai, Tab Tumhe Yahan Shaher Me Chain Ki Nind Aati Hai.. (Holiday)

The dialogue, from Akshay Kumar’s ‘Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty’ is reality. God forbid if there weren’t soldiers, who would have protected us from enemies? Time to be grateful to the soldiers, today and tomorrow.

7. Agar Hamari Koi Pehchaan Hai Toh Sirf Ek, Ki Hum Kuwaiti Nahi, Hindustani hai, Sath Hai Toh Sab Kuch Hai, Warna Nothing.. (Airlift)

The only thing that remains even after one’s death is that person’s identity. Everything else goes back to nature.

8.Tum Doodh Mangoge Hum Kheer Denge… Tum Kashmir Mangoge Hum Cheer Denge” (Maa Tujhe Salam)

Hmmm… Had Pakistan realized this, there wouldn’t have been ceasefire violations at the border every now and then. Sunny Deol is known to portray roles of a soldier and he does look like one in reality. This line by him became more famous than the movie itself. Even little boys and girls kept repeating it playfully.

9.Yeh Musalman Ka Khoon Yeh Hindu Ka Khoon… Bata Is Mein Musalman Ka Kaunsa Hindu Ka Kaunsa, Bata! (Krantiveer)

In a country that flaunts its diversity, there had to be a dialogue that represented India aptly.

10. “Mujhe States Ke Naam Na Sunai Dete Hai Na Dikhai Dete Hai… Sirf Ek Mulk Ka Naam Sunai Deta Hai I-N-D-I-A” (Chak De India)

While the movie will take you on a patriot ride, just listening to the dialogues will work fine. And there is one more worth mentioning from the movie.

Main nahi manta hamara desh duniya ka sabse mahaan desh hai. Lekin yeh zaroor manta hoon. Ki hum mein kabliyat hai, taqat hai, apne desh ko mahaan banane ki

11. Ek Catholic Aurat Pradhan Mantri Ki Kursi Ek Sikh Ke Liye Chod Deti Hai Aur Ek Sikh Pradhan Mantri Pad Ki Shapath Ek Muslim Rashtrapati Se Leta Hai Us Desh Ki Bhag Daud Sambhalne Ke Liye Jisme Assi Pratishad Log Hindu Hai (Namastey London)

There cannot be one Indian who didn’t feel proud after watching this particular scene. It fills our heart with pride and love for the country. Relive it once more.

http:// https://youtu.be/y3A-UMLnVmo

12. Mil jaate hai kuch officers hum mein todhe pagal, todhe adhiyal … jinke dimaag mein sirf desh aur desh bhakti ghumti rehti hai … yeh desh ke liye marna nahi chahte, balki jeena chahte hai … taki aakhri saans tak desh ki rakhsha kar sake (Baby)

Here is one depicting the true emotiond and thoughts of an Indian soldier.

13. Hindustani jaisa bhi ho, usse do cheezein bilkul pasand nahin.. ek hai cricket mein haar, doosra apne desh pe vaar (Kaante)

To this, all cricket lovers say yay! All Indians say yay!

14. Border pe marne se zyada bada nasha koi nahin hai (Border)

Ask an Indian soldier for validation.

15. Religion wala jo column hota hai, usme hum bold aur capital me INDIAN likhte hai (Baby)

To be honest, this one absolutely floored us and ruled our hearts.

16. Main Apne Mulk Ko Apna Ghar Samjhta Hun (Sarfarosh)

Sarfaroshi Ki Tamannah Ab Hamare Dil May Hai, Dekhna Hai Zor Kitna Baajue Kaatil May Hai!! There are many more to relate to.

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