#IAmSushant Trends On Social Media As Fans Seek Justice For SSR

Mumbai: Fans of late Sushant Singh Rajput started trending #IAmSushant on social media on Monday to seek justice for the actor.

While some expressed their guilt for not appreciating the actor when he was alive, others sent out strong messages to the people who are tarnishing Sushant’s image after his demise.

Another section of fans vented out their anger on Rhea Charaborty and said that they won’t stop trolling her as they believe she is the cause behind Sushant’s death.

Some even urged the investigating team to conduct a Narco test on Rhea.

Here’s what the fans tweeted:

“Sushant is not with us to see. Very sad. In one interview he said that he does not have crazy fans. We failed to show our love when he was with us. #IAmSushant,” tweeted one user.

“My apologies to all feminists. I am not gonna stop trolling or swearing at Rhea Tai. She murdered Sushant. #IAmSushant,” posted another.

“I was GLAD IN MY LIFE. I HAD NEVER BEEN depressed. I just TRIED TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY’ I tried to help others, it did not matter to me, I know them or not. I did not hate anyone. I M SUSHANT #IAmSushant,” wrote another fan.

“#IAmSushant I’m not a Drug Addict and Never was a Druggie
#IAmSushant I’m not Depressed !
#IAmSushant I’m not Bipolar !
#IAmSushant I’m not Claustrophobic !
#IAmSushant I didn’t commit Suicide !
#IAmSushant I was murdered !!
#IAmSushant I want Justice !!
#CBINarco4Rhea,” posted another fan.

“I want you to read this tweet CAREFULLY. Dear SSRians, You have come this far, you have given hope to Sushant who’s watching us all, you have given hope to sushant’s sister who is Abroad, you have given hope to his FATHER. Promise me you’ll take this to COMPLETE JUSTICE. #IAmSushant,” requested another fan.

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