India’s ‘Biggest Plate’ Named After Sonu Sood; Why Non-Veg, Ask Netizens

Hyderabad: Sonu Sood is known for humanitarian endeavours, and made headlines with his philanthropic work during the peak of COVID-19 pandemic. He has also had his fair share of controversies, like being charged with tax evasion.

A popular actor and producer, Sonu was recently honoured by a Hyderabad restaurant, which named ‘India’s biggest plate’ after him.

The speciality of the plate is that it can cater to 20 people at a time.

Gismat Arabic Mandi restaurant, which made the plate, claims it to be the largest thali in the country.

“India’s Biggest Plate is now named after me.. Being a vegetarian guy who eats little food can’t have a plate on his name that caters to 20 people at a time.. Humbled,” Sonu shared the news on social media along with pictures from the launch event.


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The plate was launched at the restaurant’s Kondapur branch in Hyderabad. Sonu’s Instagram post, made earlier today, has already got over 9.26 lakh ‘likes’.

Hundreds of fans turned up at the restaurant to catch a glimpse of the actor.

Many users hailed Sonu the human being and others said he was their inspiration.

But quite a few were disappointed to see Sonu backing non-veg food.

“I really appreciate your efforts and you truly deserve this but we would have been happier to see a vegetarian biggest plate instead of watching so many dead animals in your plate sir. I am one of those who got benefitted from Sonu Sood foundation joint efforts with SpiceJet when you bring us to India from Philippines during COVID,” wrote one user.

“Are you seriously happy seeing dead bodies of animals on the plate @sonu_sood. You are a hero, don’t you think you should be supportive of animal rights as well. If you can’t change people’s way of life.. At least don’t be a part of their sufferings. Indirectly you too are contributing to animals’ pain. Please refrain from doing this,” commented another person.

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