#INeverAskedForIt: Sona Mohapatra Trolled For Sharing Sexual Harassment Experience


Mumbai: The bold Bollywood singer Sona Mohapatra became a target of brutal, insensitive trolls when she recently shared a sexual harassment incident under hashtag #INeverAskedForIt.

Sharing the unpleasant experience, Sona stated that she was asked to cover her bosom with her dupatta in front of the whole class while pursuing BTech.

“During my BTech Engg, walking to the microprocessor lab in a loose khadi green kurta with a salwar. Seniors whistling, speculating loudly about my bra size. One ‘well wisher’ walked up & asked why I wasn’t wearing my dupatta ‘properly’, fully covering my ‘boobs’. #INeverAskForIt,” tweeted Sona.

After divulging about the unhappy incident, the singer urged other women to share similar experiences which they might have faced because of their attire.

“Tweet what you remember wearing when you experienced sexual violence, threat or intimidation. Draw attention to victim blame. I’m tagging @lydiabuthello @sonamakapoor @MadhumitaM1 @Chinmayi @MasalaBai @TheRestlessQuil #INeverAskForIt,” she added.

However, this didn’t go down well with a section of netizens, who started trolling Sona and claimed that she was sharing such posts to seek public attention and sympathy.

Here’s how the netizens reacted to Sona’s post:


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