JD (S) Patriarch Deve Gowda Breaks Silence In Prajwal Revanna Case, Hints At Involvement Of More People

Bengaluru: Breaking silence in his grandson Prajwal Revanna’s alleged sex scandal case, former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda on Saturday said action must be taken against “all”, hinting at involvement of more people in the case.

“Action needs to be taken against all those who are involved in this case. I will not take their names,” Gowda told media after visiting the Lakshmi Venkateshwara Temple in JP Nagar in Bengaluru on Saturday as he turned 92.

The Janata Dal (S) supremo, however, also asserted that action would be taken against Prajwal. “Action against Prajwal will be taken. But regarding HD Revanna, people have seen what has been done against him. HD Kumaraswamy has already said that relief amount should be provided to victims. HD Revanna has got bail in the court and one more order is pending. I am saying action needs to be taken against all of them who are involved in this. No one should be spared,” he said.

Hinting at alleged involvement of others in the case, Gowda also said women who are in danger must be protected and compensated.

Gowda said he will speak on the matter only after June 4. “Until then, I won’t speak,” he told News 18.

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