Karnataka Bans Selling Condoms And Contraceptives To Minors

New Delhi: The Drugs Control Department of Karnataka announced on Thursday that every pharmacy in the state is banned from selling condoms, oral contraceptives and anti-depressants to anyone below the age of 18.

This decision has come about after checking was done in a Bengaluru school in November and condoms, contraceptives, cigarettes and whiteners were found in the bags of students of classes VIII, IX and X sending the parents into a tizzy.

The Drugs Controller of Karnataka, Bhagoji T Khanapure reportedly said, “Technically, the government is promoting condoms to prevent sexually transmitting diseases and also for population control. However, it s not for teens or school kids. Hence, the circular strictly says that medicines should not be sold for underage teens.” A school principal also told the media that she is hopeful that this decision will help curb the number of students indulging in such activities, said, “Firstly, there will be a lot of resistance from the students, especially those studying in higher classes. Secondly, it is next to impossible to check every bag on a routine basis as it will not only delay the entry of students but will also harm the academic environment.”

According to the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act of 2015 if one is found selling cigarettes and other tobacco products to minors they might end up facing a jail term of seven years or pay a fine worth rupees one lakh. Buying whiteners is still allowed for minors in India.


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