Know What New Guidelines Has To Say About Vaccine Price In Pvt Hospitals, Onsite Registration

Bhubaneswar: The Centre has released revised guidelines for the national COVID vaccination programme, to be implemented from June 21.

“Vaccine doses provided free of cost by Government of India will be allocated to States/UTs based on criteria such as population, disease burden and the progress of vaccination. Wastage of vaccine will affect the allocation negatively,” it said.

The price of vaccine doses for private hospitals would be declared by each vaccine manufacturer, and any subsequent changes would be notified in advance. The private hospitals may charge up to a maximum of Rs 150 per dose as service charges. The state governments may monitor the price being so charged.

The free vaccination drive will be prioritised as the following:
* Health Care Workers.
* Frontline Workers.
* Citizens more than 45 years of age.
* Citizens whose second dose has become due.
* Citizens 18 years & above.

For over 18 years of age, the States/UTs may decide their own prioritization factoring in vaccine supply schedule, it added.

It further said that all government and private vaccination centres would also provide an onsite registration facility, available both for individuals as well as groups of individuals, for which detailed procedure is to be finalised and published by States/UTs, in order to minimize any inconvenience to citizens.

The states may also optimally utilise the Common Service Centres and Call Centres to facilitate prior booking by citizens, it added.

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