Know What Varsha Has To Say After Anubhav’s ‘Hon’ble SOMEONE’ Video

Bhubaneswar: Soon after Ollywood actor and MP Anubhav Mohanty posted a video on social media along with a comment asking people to spot whether the respected person, without naming his actress wife Varsha, was undergoing domestic violence, the latter retaliated with a set of posers to Anubhav.

The actress, who had on Monday said that she would break her silence on the matter soon, said if her husband was repeatedly telling the media that it is a personal matter and not a political issue, why is he issuing press releases on MP pad?

“If he claims to love me and respect me, why is he blocking my phone number for two months? Why has he not wished me on my birthday?,” she asked.

Varsha claimed that she has always wanted a healthy and long life for Anubhav for which she had been discouraging him to take intoxication despite being tortured for my actions.

“Though I was mentally tortured by several extra-marital affairs of my husband, I have never been disloyal to him. Rather, I have discharged all my responsibilities as a devoted wife,” she said.

She further said though Anubhav has gone astray, she would try to bring him to the right path as his wife. “After all my best efforts to convince my husband to change himself failed and pressure mounted on me to file divorce, I approached the court for justice,” Varsha said.

“In spite of all that have happened, I do not want to divorce my husband. I want him to come back to righteous path,” the actress said in a release.

Stating that the video posted by Anubhav on social media is misleading, she said domestic violence does not continue for all the time. “If necessary, I will furnish the evidence of domestic violence in the court,” Varsha said.

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