Let’s Celebrate A Noise-Free Diwali With These Crackers, Rangoli & Sweets

Bhubaneswar: The Commissionerate Police has allowed a two-hour window (8 pm and 10 pm) for bursting crackers on Diwali in the twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack on the occasion of Diwali on Monday.

People have been urged not to burst crackers containing harmful chemicals and explosives. No one would be allowed to burst high-decibel firecrackers in crowded areas.

As responsible denizens, let’s celebrate the festival of lights by sticking to the advisory. Here’s a list of crackers, which you can enjoy along with your children. Let’s promise to curb air pollution this year and spread love with the colours of Rangolis and the sweetness of ‘desi’ mithai.

Phuljhari (sparklers)

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Almost every family uses Phuljhari to bring light in the darkness of the evening on Diwali. It is the most popular cracker. It comes in dazzling shapes and many colours like golden, red, silver, green etc.

Chakri (ground spinner)

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Chakri is a soundless cracker and a favourite among children. This circular spinning firework shoots out colouful sparks and flames. It is available in various sizes and shapes in the market.

Anar (flowerpot)

8-10 pm in city, no word from Telangana
Anar or flower pots are also the most popular Diwali firecrackers. Anars are known for their sparkling display and showers of coloured sparks upwards. Various types of Anars with different colours and heights of sparks are available in the market.

Twinkling Star Crackers

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It is also a safe and soundless cracker. It is easy to handle, as it is coated with paper. It is available in different lengths.crackers diwali

Kitkat Fire Crackers

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They sparkle like Phuljari but with a very low sound.


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Yet another noise-free cracker. Children love to light up the matches, as different colours usually generate from a single flame.

Snake Eggs

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Children love to crackle this. They are a packet full of small round black tablets, which have to be set ablaze. As soon as they catch fire, they release a gooey looking, stretched, black, coil-like substance, which resembles a slithering snake.

Zig Zag

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This cracker sparkles like a Ground Spinner but with music. This is also a noise-free cracker.

Pencil Crackers

Free photos of Sparkler
This cracker sparkles in different colours, which attracts children the most. It is available in the market in different sizes.


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