Life Hacks From The Ramayana

Hey there, fellow wisdom-seekers!

As the world gears up for January 22nd – the day we’re all waiting for Lord Rama to hit the cosmic ‘back’ button – I thought why not dive into the Ramayana and see what life hacks we can pull out from this epic saga?

So, grab your bow, arrow, and a sense of humour as we journey through the Ramayana, extracting some quirky life lessons.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work (Especially With Monkeys)

Remember when Hanuman and his monkey brigade built a bridge to Lanka?

That’s right, even the mightiest need a team. If you’ve ever tried to assemble IKEA furniture alone, you know what I’m talking about.

Rama’s quest teaches us that you’ll sometimes need a monkey squad to get things done, no matter how heroic you are.

Communication Is Key (Even If You’re A King)

King Dasharatha’s promise to Kaikeyi is a classic example of ‘read the fine print, folks.’ One hasty promise, and boom! Your favourite son is on a 14-year forest retreat.

Whether it’s a promise to your spouse to take out the garbage or an agreement at work, clear communication is vital.

No one wants a family drama ending in an epic tale.

Stand Up For What’s Right (Even If It Means Kidnapping Drama)

Rama standing up against Ravana for abducting Sita is a drama that would make even reality TV stars blush. But hey, it shows standing up for what’s right, even when it’s tough. So next time you see someone jump the queue at Starbucks, channel your inner Rama (minus the arrows, please).

Loyalty Is Everything (Tail-Waggingly Important)

Sita’s loyalty to Rama, Hanuman’s dedication, or even the squirrel that helped build the bridge — the Ramayana is a loyalty fest. It’s like that friend who sticks with you through your ‘I’m going to learn the guitar’ phase.

Loyal friends are rare; if you find one, hold onto them.

Beware Of Golden Deer (Or Shiny Distractions)

Sita’s desire for the golden deer is all of us when we see a 50% off sale.

The lesson? Beware of shiny distractions that lead you into trouble.

Whether it’s impulse shopping or scrolling through social media at 3 am, remember the golden deer and stay focused.

Exile Isn’t That Bad (Think Of It As A Long Camping Trip)

Rama’s exile teaches us that sometimes life throws you into the forest. But think of it as an unplugged vacation. No WiFi, no problem! Embrace the solitude and learn from it.

Plus, you get to tell everyone about your ‘wilderness phase.’

Every Villain Has A Backstory (Understanding Beats Demonising)

Ravana wasn’t just a ten-headed monster but also a scholar and devoted brother. It reminds us to look beyond the surface and understand where people come from. The next time someone cuts you off in traffic, don’t fret! They may be rushing to get their ten heads to a family dinner.

And Finally, Keep Your Arrows of Wisdom Handy

So as we await Lord Rama’s grand return to where he belongs (he deserves a vacation after all this), let’s pack these quirky yet profound life lessons from the Ramayana in our quiver.

Remember, life’s an epic tale, and you’re the hero (or heroine). Keep your sense of humour handy, your arrow of wisdom sharper, and if you ever come across a golden deer, take a photo for Instagram and move on.

Stay epic, my dear readers!

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