Liquor Seller Jailed For Charging Rs 10 Extra For Beer Bottle

New Delhi: A liquor seller in Noida was made to pay a heavy price for overcharging his customer.

Ravi Singh was sent to prison after allegedly selling Kingfisher Strong 500 ml beer bottle to the customer for Rs 130 – Rs 10 more than its actual price.

Also, a penalty of Rs 75,000 was slapped on Surender Singh, owner of the shop located in Roza Jalalpur area of Bisrakh, according to an Excise department official.

Excise Inspector Abhinav Shahi said many customers had been complaining about the liquor outlet charging them Rs 10 or Rs 20 extra for beer bottles.

Excise department swung into action, sending a decoy customer to the liquor outlet.

The seller asked for Rs 10 extra and said that he was charging more for ‘kharcha paani’ (expenses), the Excise Inspector said.

An FIR was lodged against Singh at the local police station under Section 64 (overrating) of Excise Act and IPC 408 (breach of trust by clerk or servant). He was then arrested and sent to prison, reported to PTI.

District Excise Officer (DEO) Rakesh Bahadur Singh said the licensee of the liquor shop was slapped a financial penalty and warned of strict action if the offence is repeated.

“In case of overrating of liquor at licensed outlets, the first time penalty is Rs 75,000, the second time penalty is Rs 1.50 lakh and if it happens for the third time, the excise department can cancel the licence of the liquor outlet,” the DEO said.

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