Lockdown 3.0: Mumbai’s Flamingo Population To Soar Past 1.34 Lakh By May End

Mumbai: Amid the current nationwide lockdown, birds and animals have found solace on empty streets without people and pollution.


For instance, Flamingos that usually migrate to Mumbai from September to May, are more in number, according to the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) that monitors the flamingos.

BNHS assistant director, Rahul Khot informed that the population of flamingos in Mumbai this season will surpass their previous record of 1,34,000.

“BNHS had already counted 125,000 flamingos before its work was disrupted by the coronavirus lockdown measures introduced on March 25. And the number is expected to surpass 134,000 by May 17 when the lockdown is supposed to end,” Khot was quoted as saying by CNN.

Interestingly, the flamingos are being reported from those places where they were found the least earlier.

Since there is no human interference, many birds and animals are spotted at various places across the country, Khot added.

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