Lockdown Routines: Hota Realises He And His Wife Are ‘Maid For Each Other’

In Our Special Series, Satire Poet Tells OB He's Been Doing Household Chores Like Making Rotis, Cleaning Utensils, Cutting Vegetable

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill.

Like fellow citizens, satire poet Gyana Hota is strictly following the rules of nationwide lockdown and staying indoors.

The first thing he realized in the past month is that there is a lot of work to be done at home also. Confined to the boundaries of his residence, Hota has been extending a helping hand to his wife in household chores.

Before lockdown was enforced to curb the spread of coronavirus, Hota’s routine was going to office, attending several satirical poets’ meet and spending time with friends in the evening at Khati place.

“I realized that there is so much work at home also. I am helping my wife in cooking and other things in this lockdown period. Earlier, my roti used to be in the shape of India map. Now, I have learned to make round-shaped rotis,” reveals Hota.

He also cleans utensils, cuts vegetables, helps in maintaining the garden and does some laundry work as well.

“There have been huge losses due to the lockdown, but there are some gains also. I feel now that I and my wife are made for each other,” informs Hota, with a sense of contentment.

The poet who deals with satire revealed the funny bones in his body. “Earlier, husbands and wives were made for each other. During lockdown, they have become ‘maid for each other’,” quips Hota, tongue firmly in cheek.

But it’s not all work for Hota. He has been using the social media to practise his art.

“I am posting small satirical poems based on daily life to make people happy,” Hota informs.

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