Love Story 2020: A Marriage Made In Hospital

Pratapgarh: Couples running away from home and getting married in temples is not rare. But have you heard of a wedding taking place in a hospital?

Yes, it happened at Pratapgarh in UP recently.

Hours before her wedding, bride-to-be Aarti fell off the roof while trying to stop a child who was running towards the edge.

Aarti was rushed to a private hospital where doctors said she had suffered a spinal injury that could lead to a probable disability.

That did not deter Awdhesh, the groom, and he decided to go ahead with the wedding that day itself, ANI reported.

Members of both families turned up at the hospital in the evening and the wedding went through at the ward where special arrangements were made to conduct the rituals.

“I was apprehensive but my husband told me he’ll be there for me even if I don’t recover,” Aarti was quoted as saying.

“Whatever happened was destiny. I have decided to be with her and support her in times of crisis,” said Awdhesh, who has not left the hospital and been by Aarti’s side all through.

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