Lucky Ali’s ‘O Sanam’ Clip: What Did He Say To Nafisa Ali?

Singer Lucky Ali’s mellifluous voice has been lilting on the internet over the past one week. Fans can’t stop gushing over his ‘hmmmm’ in the song O Sanam. Veteran actress Nafisa Ali gave Lucky Ali fans a rare treat when she shared a video of his impromptu unplugged performance. Little did she or Ali himself expect that the video will go “viral” and break the internet. Lucky Ali was trending on Twitter within a matter of hours.


Sharing the story behind the video, Nafisa Ali said, “So, My friend Bablu told me about this lovely place and said all the young musicians come there and since Lucky is here, he asked would you like to come and listen to them. Lucky said, ‘Yeah, of course I encourage musicians so I want to be there…’. So we went there and they sang and it was a beautiful evening… When it all came to an end, they said, Sir please sing us a song and now Lucky said, ‘Nafisa, you’ve put me in a spot’. I said, ‘what did you think, you are their guru, you are the legend. If they want you to sing one song, I feel you show them how you sing.’ Then I just quickly put my camera on and recorded it,” reported.

Nafisa told  Times Now about Lucky’s reaction. “What are you doing Nafisa!’ I said, ‘I took one snippet of you and I posted it, so I don’t know what has happened after that.'”

Nafisa and Lucky Ali are good friends. While she likes clicking his photos and videos since she is a good photographer, Ali often tells her, “Oh my god, what are you doing, I’m a recluse,” the report added.

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