Man Poisons 14-Yr-Old Son For Watching Adult Films On Phone

Mumbai: Addiction to mobile phones is a curse for modern-day youngsters.

Parents have to be on their toes to ensure that their school-going children don’t have easy access to cellphones.

But they also have to be careful of not over-reacting, or else a wrong step could be taken in a fit of rage.

Just like what happened in Maharashtra’s Solapur, where a man allegedly poisoned and killed his 14-year-old son.

Police said the man, identified as Vijay Battu, killed his son Vishal as he used to watch adult films on his phone. Vijay got infuriated as started getting egular complaints about his son’s behaviour from his school.

Vijay, who works as a tailor, initially didn’t tell his wife Keerti that he had killed his son. The two of them, in fact, filed a missing person’s complaint at the nearest police station.

Police started an investigation and found the boy’s body in a drain a few days later.

The post-mortem found sodium nitrate, a poison, inside Vishal’s body. Police then registered a murder case and started questioning Vijay’s family and neighbours.

Police got suspicious as there were discrepancies in the information provided by Vijay.

On January 28, Vijay confessed to his wife about killing their son. He said he was receiving several complaints from the school of Vishal troubling other students and not focusing on studies.

He was also unhappy about Vishal’s behaviour at home and his addiction to adult films.

He took out Vishal on his bike and offered him a soft drink, in which sodium nitrate was mixed. When Vishal became unconscious, Vijay threw the body into a drain near their home.

Vijay’s wife then informed police about her husband’s confession.

Vijay was arrested before being presented in a magistrate’s court on January 29. He has been sent to police custody.

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