Meet The Toyota Innova That’s Crossed 10 Lakh Kilometre!

Bengaluru: Toyota prides itself for long-life and bulletproof reliability of its vehicles around the world. While reports of its Qualis running lakhs of kilometre have been in the news, so has one of India’s favourite MPVs – Innova.

An Innova sold in Coimbatore has crossed 10 lakh km. The dealer, Annamalais Toyota has brought out an ad of the vehicle. Interestingly, this Innova is a private vehicle and not a commercial one. Also, 10 lakh km is the highest reading of the odometer.

The vehicle belongs to Velmurugan V and it was bought in July 2007. The 13-year-old car is still being used by him and it does almost 1 lakh km every year.

The ad said generally, the diesel engines are more reliable than the petrol engines for a number of reasons, which we will mention in another article. But if you know someone who has lakhs of kilometre on the odometer of their vehicle, do send us the information.

If you know cars with such high mileage, do share in the comments section, it added.

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