MIT, Harvard File Lawsuit against US Immigration Authorities

New Delhi: Department of Homeland Security and the federal immigration agency of the United States were sued by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University for their fresh guidelines that bar foreign students from staying in America if their universities resort to online classes in the Fall.

The Harvard Crimson report claimed that the two prestigious educational institutes filed lawsuit against the two federal agencies on Wednesday.

The suit asked for a temporary restraining order and preliminary and permanent injunctive relief from barring the US Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement enforcing fresh guidelines. If guidelines are imposed, international students will be forced to leave the Americas.

“Order came down without notice—its cruelty surpassed only by its recklessness. We believe that the ICE order is bad public policy, and we believe that it is illegal,” Lawrence Bacow, Harvard University president, said via an email to affiliates.

“We will pursue this case vigorously so that our international students —and international students at institutions across the country —can continue their studies without the threat of deportation,” Bacow was quoted as saying in the Crimson report.

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