Miyazaki, World’s Costliest Mango Costs This Much!

New Delhi: Industrialist Harsh Goenka has posted a picture of the world’s costliest mango, Miyazaki, on Twitter. A mango variety grown primarily in Japan, it costs a whopping Rs 2.7 lakh per kg. It takes a lot to grow the special ruby-coloured variety of the fruit. And this includes an elaborate security arrangement. Goenka also shared the story of a farmer from Madhya Pradesh, who had hired three security guards and six dogs to secure the fruit.

“The unusual ruby-coloured Japanese breed of mango, Miyazaki is said to be the world’s costliest mango, sold at Rs 2.7 lakh per kg. Parihar a farmer in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh has hired three security guards and 6 dogs to secure the two trees,” Goenka said in a Tweet on Sunday.

The MP farmer received the sapling of Miyazaki from a stranger during a train journey to Chennai. According to Vice, Sankalp Singh Parihar had gone to Chennai five years ago looking for hybrid coconut seeds. During the train journey, a passenger seated opposite him offered to sell him a mango sapling for Rs 2500.

While Parihar was unsure, he took the chance and decided to buy it and named it Damini, after his mother. When he planted the sapling after returning to Jabalpur, it initially grew like any other ordinary mango plant, but a few months later, it developed a beautiful red colour.

A type of Irwin mango that is unlike the yellow pelican mango grown in Southeast Asia, Miyazaki mango is also known as Taiyo-no-Tamago ( Eggs of Sunshine) because of the resemblance of its shape to a dinosaur egg. On average, the weight of one mango is about 350 grams but can go up to 900g. The special variety is named after the Japanese city of Miyazaki where it is primarily harvested in the peak harvest season between April and August.

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