Modi Confident Of BJP Getting 370 Seats; ‘Our 3rd Term Will See Big Decisions’

New Delhi: The BJP has been exuding confidence of winning the Lok Sabha polls for a third consecutive term with a huge mandate.

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi echoed his party’s positive mood by saying that the NDA will win more than 400 seats in the upcoming general elections with the BJP alone bagging 370.

“The third term of our government is not very far away… Only 100-125 days remain. I don’t go into numbers, but I can see the mood of the country. It will make the NDA cross 400 and BJP will definitely get 370 seats… The third term will be about taking very big decisions,” Modi said in his last speech in Parliament before the general elections.

Slamming the Congress, Modi said he and the nation are convinced that the grand old party is reconciled to sitting in the Opposition for a long time.

“I appreciate the Opposition’s resolve to remain in the opposition for a long time… The way you sat here (in government) for many decades, the same way you resolve to sit there (in Opposition)… In the next election, you will reach greater heights, you will sit in the spectators’ gallery (of Parliament),” the PM mocked.

He said the Congress’ shop is on the verge of closure in its attempt to launch the ‘same product’ again and again

“Parivaarvad is about when a family and its members make all the decisions of a party… Family-run parties are not good for democracy,” he said.

Responding to the Motion of Thanks on President Droupadi Murmu’s speech last week, the PM reiterated his promise of pushing the Indian economy forward.

“The world is influenced by India. The G20 summit is a testament to this. In our third term India will become third largest economy in the world and this is Modi’s guarantee,” the Prime Minister said.

“When we say that we’ll become the third largest economy, the Opposition says it will happen on its own, nothing big. I want to tell the youth how it is done and what is the government’s role in this,” Modi said.

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