Naveen Announces 25% Hike In Salary & Other Benefits For Outsourcing Employees

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Thursday announced several measures including hike in their salary for outsourcing employees working in various state government departments through service provider agencies.

As per the announcement, the monthly salary of such employees has been increased by 25%. Besides, the chief minister announced experience-based remuneration, grievance redressal system and timely gratuity for them.

For the women outsourcing employees working in government departments, Naveen announced maternity leave upto 120 days for the birth of their first two children.

The chief minister took the decision on the outsourcing employees on the basis of the suggestions made by them ti 5T chairman Karthik Pandian during this visit to different parts of the state earlier. Other benefits anounced for the employees included the following:

  • It will be ensured that they get their salary at the end of the month and on time.
  • Formation of Odisha State Outsourcing Employees Ombudsman to resolve various disputes between outsourcing employees and service provider agencies.
  • More than Rs 1,000 to be paid per month to the workers for every five years of experience.
  • Nodal officers to be appointed in each department for hearing the complaints of the employees.
  • A Software Application will be developed through GA&PG Department, CMGI to simplify their complaint submission. In which both employees and agencies can submit their grievances.
  • The outsourcing employees who are currently receiving increased wages will be protected under the new system.

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