Neeraj Chopra Wins Javelin Gold At Bhubaneswar, Odisha’s Kishore Jena Disappoints

Bhubaneswar: The Kalinga Stadium waited with bated breath for the final day of the Federation Cup as the one and only Neeraj Chopra took part in an athletics competition on Indian soil for the first time after March 2021.


The Olympic javelin champion took his time to get into rhythm on a balmy Wednesday evening in Bhubaneswar before claiming the gold medal with an effort of 82.27 metres, well short of his personal best of 89.94m.

There were high expectations from local boy Kishore Jena as well, but the 28-year-old disappointed the spectators who were rooting for him as much as they were for Neeraj.

Three of Jena’s six attempts were foul throws, as he managed a best of 75.49m. It wasn’t good enough for a medal. Both Jena and Neeraj have already qualified for the upcoming Paris Olympics.

DP Manu claimed the silver with 82.06m, while Uttam claimed bronze with 78.39m.

Neeraj got off to a slow start at Kalinga Stadium, and was second behind Manu after three rounds.

In his fourth attempt, Neeraj achieved a distance of 82.27m to go past Manu.

Neeraj didn’t go for his sixth throw as Manu had already finished his final round.

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