Odisha Brothers Switch Identity To Join Army; Arrested


Bhubaneswar: A 38-year-old man was arrested by city police for joining the army allegedly by impersonating his elder brother.

Prasanna Kumar Behera used his brother Pradyumna’s documents to join the 120 Infantry Battalion in 2009, reported The New Indian Express.

According to the paper, Pradyumna was found to be enlisted into the armed forces by assuming his younger brother’s identity.

Back in 2000, Praddyumna (43) used Prasanna’s identity as his age didn’t meet the criteria to join Mechanised Infantry Regiment.

Now, without his own certificates, Prasanna used his elder brother’s documents to join the 120 Infantry Battalion.

The identity fraud came to light when a marital discord between Pradyumna and his wife reached the police station. Pradyumna’s wife registered a complaint at the Dhenkanal Sadar Police Station and accused his husband of torturing her. There she informed the police that his husband joined the army impersonating Prasanna.

However, Pradyumna was also accused of assaulting his father and is now lodged in jail.

Prasanna came under the Army lens and a court inquiry was ordered. Following an investigation, Prasanna was found guilty of identity fraud and was discharged from duty on Monday, February 15. An FIR has also been lodged against him with Kharavela Nagar police.

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