Odisha Elections 2024: Aprajita Sarangi Insists On Debate With Naveen On Her Performance After Polling

Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar MP Aprajita Sarangi persisted on her challenge to Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for a public debate on her performance for third consecutive day on Thursday.

Speaking to media persons, Aparajita, who is seeking re-election from Bhubaneswar Lok Sabha seat as BJP candidate, said, “Though 48 hours have passed since I asked the chief minister to have a debate with me on his allegations against me, I have not received any response till now. The people can deduce their conclusion from the silence of the chief minister on my challenge.”

The MP reiterated that she had never opposed nor interfered in preparation of by-laws for Lingaraj development project as alleged by the chief minister. “I have never objected to the heritage project. I have not discussed anything on the project. Rather, work has been done with a lot of funds from ASI. The allegation is baseless,” she said.

She further said if the chief minister has any evidence in support of his allegation, let him come forward with it, she said adding that it was below the dignity of chief minister’s office to issue false statements. “I am not only pained, but also shocked by the lies told by Naveen Babu. It is laughable that a CM of 24 years is targeting the first time MP like me to win the elections. Facing a sure defeat in the elections, his coterie is making him read vague and unsubstantiated allegations,” the MP said.

Stating that there is no more time for the debate as polling for Bhubaneswar Lok Sabha constituency and Assembly segments under it would be held on May 25, she said she was still prepared to confront the chief minister on the matter after the elections.

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