Odisha Farmer Logs Into Digital Information To Get Rich Harvest

Kendrapara: When everything is going digital, why not farming? In these days of unpredictable climate change, hi-tech information on weather conditions and solutions to pest attacks can go a long way in helping farmers avoid losses.


Babaji Charan Kap (50) of Napanga village in Pattamundai block in Kendrapara district is one such farmer who has reaped rich dividends after attending awareness programmes and seeking help from experts on his mobile phone. But it was not always so for Babaji.

“I had a very difficult childhood as my family lived below the poverty line. I didn’t have a good educational background to get a decent job. I worked at a private firm but left after a few years due to some family issues. Then I came back to my village and took up farming to help my family of seven,” he recounted.

“I started cultivation  on 10 acres of land. Of these, I owned two acres and rest are shared farmlands. I mostly grow all kinds of seasonal crops such as paddy, green gram and various kinds of vegetables like brinjal, chilly, cauliflower, potato and cowpea.

“But I was not able to fulfill my family’s requirements out of the agricultural earnings. Once with the support of a field staff of Reliance Foundation, I  attended a few audio conference programmes and different field level awareness programmes. I got to know about Reliance Foundation toll-free no 1800 419 8800 from the field staff as well as from the Mobile Voice Message, which made me confident to consult with different experts and I got many information about agriculture related problems,” said Babaji.

Babaji further said, “Since 2015, I have been in touch with Reliance Foundation Information Services for agriculture and related problems. With the advice from experts with Reliance Foundation, I was once able to save my paddy crop from Brown Plant Hopper attack. I was also able to cure my cow from a chronic wound in the foot. I now consult them on goats and fish culture. I have saved around Rs 2 lakh from my agriculture and allied inputs. I also receive mobile voice messages on a regular basis. I have shared the Reliance Foundation toll-free helpline number with around 400 fellow farmers.

“I trust and use Reliance Foundation agro advisory for the growth and protection of my crops, livestock health and disease management. I am now quite able and confident of meeting the requirements of my family from the increased income from my agricultural income,” he added.

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