Odisha Farmer Yields Good Harvest With Expert Advice

Bargarh: Ghanshyam Nayak, 49, a farmer from Baigapalli village in Ambhabana block, was facing severe losses in farming due to the lack of proper information and advice. But then a miracle happened and his life turned for the better. 

Born in a farmer’s house, Ghanshyam was very interested in farming from childhood. As a child, he grew up watching his father and grandfather plough the field. He took up farming after completing graduation Ghanshyam knew it was very difficult to get a job so he took up farming as his livelihood. The responsibility of taking care of his family with a son, two daughters and a wife, rests on his shoulders.

He owns 10 acres of land. He cultivates paddy on seven acres and vegetables like chilli, mustard, Brinjal, potatoes, peanuts and tomatoes on three. He had suffered a huge loss from farming in the past two years and had not been able to find a solution. He had to rely on the drugstore to get information about pests and disease-control especially sprinkling the wrong medicine recommended by the drugstore.

He had always wanted to learn something new and in 2019, one day, while reading a newspaper, his eyes fell on Reliance Foundation’s agricultural message and for more information on farming, please contact the Reliance Foundation toll-free number 1800-419-8800 which was written below the message. 

By calling on this toll-free number, he learned about the various digital-based programmes of Reliance Foundation’s Information Services for the farmers. A representative of the Reliance Foundation explained that Reliance Foundation is an innovative initiative to provide free agricultural information and advice available at the different Govt. organisations to farmers through timely digital services.

These include daily agriculture and livestock-based message via Mobile Voice Message, Direct Consultation with different agricultural Experts at toll-free Helpline Number 1800-419-8800 and Advice via WhatsApp group, Audio / Video Conferencing programme by participation.

From that day on, he began to seek the help of the Reliance Foundation to solve all his farming problems. He noticed that his spending on farming was gradually declining while the profit was increasing.

Last year, while cultivating two acres of paddy fields, his crops were getting damaged due to various diseases and pests attack, especially the Brown Plant Hopper pest attack, so he called the Reliance Foundation’s toll-free helpline number 1800-419-8800 to take advice from Reliance Foundation Agriculture Experts. After applying whatever medication was advised by the expert of Reliance Foundation, gradually the attack of pests and diseases reduced and he was able to save around Rs 40,000 to Rs 45,000 of paddy from damage. 

Similarly, during the last rainy season, there was a severe pest and disease attacked due to floods. So he called the Reliance Foundation’s toll-free helpline number 1800-419-8800 to take advice from Reliance Foundation Agriculture Experts. Reliance Foundation’s agricultural experts explained to him the correct solution to all the problems he was facing in paddy cultivation due to flood attack and that with proper pesticides. Gradually, the attack of pests and diseases reduced in his paddy cultivation and he was able to save 15 quintals of paddy worth around Rs 20,000 from damage.

Similarly, during the last Kharif season, he called Reliance Foundation’s toll-free number to control root rot and leaf spot on mustard cultivation on one acre of land. After applying proper medication, he was able to save his mustard cultivation. He got a yield of 5 quintals of mustard and sold it for Rs 30,000 in the market. 

Ghanshyam had 30 decimals of potato cultivation. He was looking for a solution to its root rot disease. Once again, following the advice of Reliance Foundation agriculture experts, he was able to control the disease, saving Rs 15,000, which he would have lost otherwise.


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