Odisha Government Issues Workplace Advisory To Contain Coronavirus


Bhubaneswar: In the wake of the fast spreading deadly Coronavirus, the Odisha government on Tuesday issued workplace advisory based on the containment plan prepared by the Health Ministry to deal with the virus.

The advisory has directed employers to ensure that the workplace, including surfaces of desks and tables, objects such as telephones and keyboards are regularly cleaned with a disinfectant containing 70 percent alcohol.

The virus can be killed by frequent hand washing. Thus, soaps and sanitisers should be kept near washbasins and there should be continuous water supply.

Tissue papers or masks should be made available to the employees.

In case a staff develops flu like symptoms, then he/she should be advised to stay at home in isolation.

Posters promoting respiratory hygiene should be displayed at various places across the workplace.

 “Please remember, simple precautions and planning can make a big difference for containment of Covid19. So it is the right time to prepare and protect all our countrymen,” stated the advisory.

The advisory advised the employees to avoid crowded places like malls, markets and stations unless important, and to stay away from people suffering from cough and running nose.

It also warned employers not to send any employee to virus affected countries, unless there is an emergency.

The advisory was issued after an Indian couple, working in a Singaporean cargo ship, returned from China and the man developed mild fever on arriving at Paradip port. After undergoing screening at the port, the couple was admitted to SCB Medical College Hospital in Cuttack.

Health and Family Welfare Minister NK Das stated that no Coronavirus case has been confirmed in the state till date.

Covid-19 virus leads to illnesses ranging from common cold, fever, shortness of breath to pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death.


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