Odisha’s IMS And SUM Hospital Celebrates World Movement Disorders Day

Bhubaneswar: The Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital on Wednesday observed World Movement Disorder Day with a special program organised by the Neurology Department. The event featured a workshop and symposium aimed at creating awareness and understanding of movement disorders.

Prof. (Dr) Ashok Kumar Mahapatra, Principal Advisor (Health Sciences) to Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan (SOA) delivered an enlightening lecture on the challenges posed by movement disorders and the importance of early diagnosis and intervention. The seminar also included an interactive session where participants could ask questions and seek guidance.

In addressing the unique challenges faced by patients with movement disorders, Prof. (Dr) Sanghamitra Mishra, Dean of IMS and SUM Hospital emphasised the need for comprehensive care. She highlighted the importance of collaboration between medical professionals and the active involvement of patients in their treatment.

Prof. (Dr) Pushparaj Samantasinhar, Medical Superintendent of the hospital stressed the significance of a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and proper sleep in managing and preventing movement disorders. Drawing parallels to Parkinson’s disease, he noted the positive impact of lifestyle modifications on patients’ well-being.

The seminar also featured the participation of neurologist Dr Lulup Kumar Sahoo who shared insights into the challenges associated with movement disorders and the advancements in their treatment. Sahoo underscored the role of a holistic approach, combining medical and lifestyle interventions, in improving the quality of life for individuals affected by these disorders.

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