Pandemic Has Stressed Millennials & GenZ But They Are Wiser: Study

Work-from-home, long hours at the laptop, zero social life — it has taken a toll on everyone during the pandemic-induced lockdown. It has been tougher for the millennial and Gen-Z category, who are reeling under pressure.

But like they say, everything has a flip side to it. Along with the negatives, we must also factor in the positives. The direct outcome of this harrowing time has been that millennials and people in the Gen-Z group have become more aware of the consequences of pandemic-induced stress.

While 91 per cent of Indian millennials and 84 per cent of Gen Zs feel the pandemic has inspired them to improve their life, 89 per cent of millennials and 82 per cent of Gen Zs have taken actions to try and have a positive impact on their community.

These findings are part of Deloitte’s Millennial and Gen Z Survey 2021 for India. It states that stress and anxiety levels among Indian millennials (49 per cent) is higher than the global average, and that Indian Gen Zs feel as anxious and stressed as their global average (46 per cent), The Indian Express (TIE) reported.

Concerns for the welfare of their family, job/career prospects, and long-term financial future are the primary causes of stress for both groups.

It has been found that 77 per cent of millennials open up about stress to their employers, and 81 per cent say employers have taken actions to support their mental well-being.

The survey also finds that millennials and Gen Zs feel more optimistic on how the pandemic has encouraged positive personal changes — they are confident it has brought about a change where people will place importance on their health as well as their ability to deal with future pandemics.

In addition to that, 9 out of 10 millennials (90 per cent) and 87 per cent Gen Zs feel optimistic that changes seen during the pandemic can help reverse environmental damage as well, the report added.

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