Panel Formed To Dismantle & Reassemble Jagannath Temple Chariots In Puri

Puri: Following the decision to keep the three Rath Yatra chariots on the premises of Jagannath Ballav Math here, the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) on Monday formed a committee for this purpose.

SJTA chief administrator Krishan Kumar said told the media that the committee comprising engineers, senior sevayats and members of the Jagannath Temple Managing Committee will dismantle and reassemble the three chariots.

“As it has been decided to keep the three chariots in Pramod Udyana (recreation garden), it is necessary to dismantle them as they cannot enter the Jagannath Ballav Math premises,” Kumar said.

“Since some portions of the chariots will be damaged during dismantling, the damaged portions will be reconstructed with sal, piasal and teak tree wood. The dismantling, reassembly and reconstruction of the damaged portion of the chariots will be completed within a month,” he added.

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