Passenger Suffers ‘Second-Degree Burn’ On Air India Flight; Know What Happened

New Delhi: A female passenger had a harrowing experience while travelling on an Air India flight from New Delhi to San Francisco.

Charu Tomar, the flyer, revealed on social media platform X how a flight attendant spilled hot water on her leg and left it unattended.

It eventually rendered her bed-ridden, and Air India had to apologise.

The woman, who was travelling with her four-year-old son and 83-year-old mother-in-law, felt excruciating pain and burning on her right leg, but to her shock, “the crew members initially ran away from the situation.”

The response to her pleas to provide cooling agents to the injured leg was “slow and inadequate.”

Tomar was ultimately attended to by a physician on board, who diagnosed her with second-degree burn and tried to treat her.

“However, the flight lacked essential medical supplies, and the treatment was far from ideal. I endured severe pain for nearly two hours on flight with no pain medication or proper first-aid kit available,” the flyer stated.

She added that on landing in San Francisco, the crew “seemed more interested in preparing for landing than in my ongoing distress”. A team of paramedics had to be called to evacuate her.

Expressing its apology, Air India said the airline has taken a serious note of the incident.

However, its version of treatment after the mishap didn’t match with the flyer’s.

“The crew immediately administered first aid to the guest and paged for a doctor on board, who attended to the affected guest. A team of paramedics assisted the guest upon arrival at San Francisco. We have expressed our sincere apologies to the guest, whom our teams have been in touch with to offer all further assistance, including medical care,” an Air India spokesperson said.

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