Pilgrim Site Makeover Plan For Patali Sreekhetra In Odisha’s Sonepur

Sonepur: The state government will provide Rs 2 crore for developing Patali Sreekhetra shrine in Sonepur district into a pilgrim destination.

The money will be provided by the Planning and Convergence Department under the government’s initiative for developing and promoting tourism destinations.

The funds will be used in infrastructure development such as improved connectivity, tourist amenities, drinking water and lighting facilities and beautification of the site, the District Planning Official (DPO) informed.

The Patali Sreekhetra temple is located atop Trikut hill and surrounded by a dense forest. It’s both a famous pilgrimage and a favourite picnic spot for tourists from across Odisha.

“We will plan the project in such a way that the ecosystem and the natural environment are not tampered with. The palce will be developed into an ideal tourist destination,” the DPO was quoted as saying by The Times of India.

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