PM Unveils Taxation Reforms To Honour Honest Taxpayers


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday ushered in taxation reforms by launching a platform to honour the honest taxpayers of the country.

The new ‘Transparent Taxation – Honouring The Honest’ platform will offer faceless assessments, faceless appeal and taxpayer charter. While faceless assessment and the taxpayer charter will come into effect from August 13 itself, faceless appeal will be applicable from September 25.

The platform is an attempt at “reforming and simplifying India’s tax system”, the PM said after the launch via video conferencing. “In the last six years, the focus has been on banking the unbanked and securing the unsecured. Today, a new journey begins to honour the honest,” he said.

The PM said the reform will instill a sense of fearlessness among honest taxpayers. “The country’s honest taxpayer plays a big role in nation building… The new facilities being launched today reinforce the government’s commitment to honouring the honest,” he added.

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