Police Poke Fun At Virat Kohli, Netizens Not Amused

New Delhi: It’s not unusual for law enforcement agencies to use contemporary memes or issues to raise awareness. However, a tweet by Uttarakhand Police on Friday referring to Virat Kohli’s performance during the India vs. England T20 series has left many netizens fuming.

While fans were left disappointed after the Indian skipper got out without scoring any runs in the first game at the Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad, the cops decided to poke fun using it as an example to draw attention to rash driving.

“A helmet is not enough! It is necessary to drive in full consciousness. Otherwise, like Kohli, you too can be out on zero,” read the tweet in Hindi, shared by the police handle.

While the tweet got a few laughs, not all were impressed. Cricket buffs defended the skipper and criticised the police force, saying the tweet was “uncalled for”. Many said it was a disgrace to stoop so low to troll a man of such high calibre, The Indian Express reported.

Here are some angry reactions from cricket fans:

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