Pollution In Mahanadi In Odisha’s Sonepur Endangers Aquatic Life, Fisher-Folk Hit

Binka: Rising pollution and presence of toxic waste in Mahanadi river, that passes through Binka in Sonepur district is posing twin threats – affecting aquatic life and business of local fishermen.

As per sources, release of toxic waste into the water at upper reaches is leading to deterioration of water quality at the lower end. Though this has been continuing for the last several years it seems to have skipped the notice of authorities concerned.

Several species of fresh-water fish which were once in high demand among the locals as well as outside the district have vanished from the waterbody. The number of several other species of fish, turtles, and crabs etc that were  once found in abundance in the Mahanadi at Binka, has also dwindled.

Locals cited that besides release of toxic waste, dynamite explosion in Mahanadi by some fishermen has led to the decline of fish species here affecting their business.  The fishermen of Sindurpur, Manigaon, Arigaon, Ganeshpur, Jharapada, Gulapada, Keutapada, Dabhala, Binka, Bhramarpali, Gariapali, Jharapada, Mahidebapali, Pandakitala and other places depend on Mahanadi for their livelihood.

They used to earn their livelihood by selling tons of different varieties of fish like Rohu, Magura, Mitkali, Khainga, Bairi and Tengani but now these are found in very small quantities, said a local.



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