Rahul Gandhi Accuses PM Modi Of Match-Fixing In Lok Sabha Polls

New Delhi: Match-fixing is a bane of cricket, and has rocked the gentleman’s game from time to time over the last two decades.

With the 17th season of IPL underway, Rahul Gandhi couldn’t resist mixing cricket with politics on Sunday afternoon.

Addressing the Opposition INDIA bloc’s ‘Save Democracy’ rally at Ramlila Maidan, the Congress leader accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of trying to do “match-fixing” in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, reported PTI.

Addressing the INDIA bloc’s ‘Save Democracy’ rally at the Ramlila Maidan here, the former Congress chief said this is not an ordinary election but one to save the country’s democracy and Constitution.

“IPL is going on… Are you watching the matches? Have you heard of match-fixing?” Rahul asked the audience.

“When a match is won by putting pressure on umpires, buying off players and scaring captains, it is called match-fixing in cricket. We have Lok Sabha polls coming up. Who selected the umpires? It was Narendra Modi. Before the match started, two players from our team were arrested… In these polls, Narendra Modi is trying to do match-fixing,” Rahul said.

“He is talking of winning 400 seats… but without EVMs, match-fixing, social media and pressurising the press, they won’t cross 180,” Rahul stated.

“Two chief ministers were arrested. What kind of election is this… Match-fixing is being done by PM Modi along with three-four billionaires. This is being done to snatch the Constitution from the poor,” claimed Rahul.

He warned people that If the BJP manages to win the Lok Sabha polls through match-fixing and changes the Constitution, then the country cannot be saved and there will be fire everywhere.

“This election is not just about votes, it is to save the country and the Constitution,” Rahul asserted.

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