Rani Mukerji Had A Miscarriage In 2020; Why Is She Opening Out After So Long?

Mumbai: Rani Mukerji married Aditya Chopra in April 2014, and the star couple was blessed with a daughter on December 9, 2015.

Five years later, the Bollywood actress was expecting her second child during COVID-19. Unfortunately, Rani suffered a miscarriage in the fifth month of her pregnancy.

Not having spoken about the miscarriage in public, Rani opened up about her personal tragedy two-and-a-half years later, at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne.

There was a reason why Rani didn’t talk about the miscarriage so long. She believed it would be seen as a promotional tactic for her film ‘Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway.’

“Perhaps this is the first time I am making this revelation, because, in today’s world, every aspect of your life is discussed publicly, and becomes an agenda for talking about your film to get more eyeballs. Obviously, I didn’t speak about this when I was promoting the film because it would have come across as me trying to speak about a personal experience that would propel the film,” Business Today quoted Rani as saying.

“It was around the year when COVID-19 struck. It was 2020. I was pregnant with my second baby at the end of 2020 and I unfortunately lost my baby five months into my pregnancy,” Rani revealed.

“After I lost my baby, Nikhil (Nikhil Advani) would have called me probably like 10 days later. He told me about the story (Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway) and I kind of immediately… not that I had to have the loss of a child to feel the emotion but sometimes there is a film in the right time of what you are going through personally to be able for you to connect with it instantly. When I heard the story, I was in disbelief. I never thought in a country like Norway an Indian family would have had to go through,” Rani recalled.

Rani was widely appreciated for her performance in ‘Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway’, which was released on March 17.

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