Rat Bite Lands Minister In Hospital!

Banda (UP): A minister in the UP government had to be rushed to hospital on Monday after he felt uneasiness, suspecting a rat or mole bite.

Girish Chandra Yadav, Minister of State for Youth Welfare and Sports in Yogi Adityanath’s cabinet, was on a tour of Banda district and was staying at a Circuit house, PTI reported.

He was taken to the district hospital where the Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) Dr SN Mishra examined him.

“The minister, it was suspected, was bitten on his hand at about 3 am and was rushed to Trauma centre of district hospital. A bite mark was found on the finger of his right hand… the bite was found to be of a rat or shrew (insectivorous mammal that resembles a mouse),” the CMS informed.

He said that the circuit house is located in a forest area, hence there is the possibility of rodent bites.

The minister left for Lucknow later in the day.

Yogi recently issued an instruction that ministers and officials should avoid hotels and stay in government accommodations during official visits.

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