Rath Yatra In Baripada: Devotees Do It With Sraddha Laddoos There

Baripada: Second Srikhetra in Baripada kept its date with Rath Yatra — a day after the Puri Rath Yatra — and customs, with women pulling Goddess Subhadra’s chariot and Sraddha Laddoos (Jaggery laddoos) being thrown at devotees as prasad before the chariot was tugged.

This cultural hub in Northen Odisha observes Pahandi Bije Niti on the day of Rath Yatra in Puri. On that day, the sibling deities give darshan to devotees in Rupa Besha. On Pahandi day, the deities rest there. The next day, Lord Balabhadra’s chariot Taladhwaja is taken to the Gundicha temple and Devi Subhadra’s to the middle of Grand Road.

On the third day, Devi Subhadra’s Rath and Lord Jagannath’s chariot Nandighosha are taken to the Gundicha temple.

Sraddha ladoos are also thrown from Nandighosha.

After all the rituals are over, the deities are taken to Mausi Maa temple in Pahandi Bije Niti.



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