With Experts’ Guidance, Struggling Odisha Fish Farmer Bipin Turns The Tide


Bhubaneswar: After undergoing training for inland fish farming at the Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA) in Bhubaneswar, Odisha’s Bipin Kumar Panda wanted to make a living from fish farming.

Even though he had learnt the technical aspects at CIFA, Bipin was struggling to put his knowledge in use practically.

Advice from innumerable people left him confused about the size and number of fish seeds stocking to be used for inland fish farming.

It was then that Reliance Foundation experts came to his rescue and guided him with proper information.

The resource person of Reliance Foundation told him that 1 yearling for 1 cubic meter has to be stocked for fish farming. If the pond contains (100mtr x 20 mtr x 1 mt) 2000 cubic metres of water, where the average depth of water is 1 metre, then the stocking density should be 2000 yearlings.

Thanks to guidance from Reliance Foundation, 35-year-old Bipin — a resident of Madhukhunta village in Mayurbhanj — now cultivates catla, rohu, mir, grass carp, common carp, bahula, tilapea and fresh water shrimp in his pond using poly culture method.

When his fishes got infected with diseases like Gill rots, Argulosis, Ulcers due to  changes in water quality including PH fluctuation, decrease in dissolved oxygen, total alkalinity etc., he reached out to the Reliance Foundation for help.

The expert advised him to treat his pond with appropriate medicines, chemicals, probiotics etc. This not only helped him in overcoming his problem, but resulted a good yield too.

Bipin regularly participates in the dial out audio conference and Jio group talk programmes, organized by Reliance Foundation to seek advice.

With fish production having drastically increased, Bipin has now recruited three people, who work in shifts and help him in managing his pond.

He also hires 6 daily wage workers for netting the fish once a week. He sells fish to consumers as well as to traders every week.

Bipin’s income has increased from Rs 4-5 lakhs per annum to 10 lakhs per annum.

‘Now, I am a well-equipped, skilled and experienced farmer because of the platform provided by Reliance Foundation,” said Bipin.

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