RIP Lipstick

Your lips tinged
With the shade of vermilion
I liked best
Stand devoid of colour.

Your eyes speaking
More than your lips
Are gesticulating a smile
I try to trace the faint impression
Playing shadows
On your mask.

I dreamt of innumerable kisses
The passionate lotus-buds
Crying helplessly today
Once created a rainbow:
Ruby Rush, Plum Feather
Cinnamon Charm, Brick Blast
Tangerine Fluff, Wine and Shine
The resplendence
Awakened my dreams.

Suppressing expressions
Your lips ask: ‘Who are we?’
I no longer imagine
The words you speak
I used to gape: mesmerized
At the hypnotic silence
Oozing out of those
Crimson-stained petals.

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