DL Applicants In Odisha To Be Trained On Road Safety & Motor Vehicle Norms

Bhubaneswar: The applicants, who will apply for a driving licence (DL), will be trained on motor vehicle rules, penal provisions, and road awareness by regional transport offices (RTOs) in Odisha.

According to sources, training centres will be set up at the 35 regional transport offices (RTOs) for this purpose.

This step is being taken to keep a check on the rising number of accidents. “Apart from driving skills, the drivers should be aware of the traffic rules, punishment for violations, road signage and other road safety issues,” a senior transport official said.

The government has approved the state transport authority (STA)’s proposal and asked it to float a tender to select an agency that would impart road safety lessons to DL applicants.

The learner’s licence (LL) holders will be asked to learn about road safety and first-aid lessons before getting their DLs.

According to the existing system, it is mandatory for each DL applicant to first appear for a computerised test at the RTO. Upon clearing the test, the applicant is given a LL. The final DL is given only if the applicant clears a driving skill test within six months from the date of issuance of the LL.

Of 9,817 accidents in 2020, 1,102 were caused by drivers, who did not possess a DL, and 713 by LL-holders.

Currently, traffic offences including overspeeding, jumping the red signal, carrying an excess load in a goods carriage and carrying persons in goods carriages, speaking on mobile while driving, driving without wearing a seat belt, and drunk driving can lead to suspension of DL for a minimum period of three months.

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