SBI Submits Electoral Bonds Data To Election Commission On SC Order

New Delhi: As per the Supreme Court order, the State Bank of India (SBI) submitted necessary data regarding electoral bonds to the Election Commission of India (ECI) by 5.30 pm on Tuesday.


The Commission will upload the data on its website on March 15 for the general public. It will also make the electoral bonds filings, which were submitted to the Supreme Court in sealed covers, public.

On hearing the SBI’s petition on the Supreme Court’s earlier order on the electoral bonds on Monday, the apex court had told the bank that it wanted a simple disclosure on the names of purchasers and political parties only.

Since the SBI sought more time for matching the names of purchasers of the electoral bonds and recipient political parties, the Supreme Court said, “We have asked you to do plain disclosure as per our judgment. The SBI just has to open the sealed covers, collate details and give information to the Election Commission.”

The SBI needs to provide details of each electoral bonds purchased, name of purchaser, denomination of electoral bonds, and details of each electoral bond redeemed by political parties including the date of encashment.

The SBI agreed to the order and submitted the details on the electoral bonds as per the deadline set by the apex court on Tuesday.

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